Goods on the move

It’s all about moving

When it comes to airports it is all about keeping these on the move seamlessly, from passengers to planes and bags.

At Viking Conveyor we have helped keep passengers bags on the move at a number of airports, both locally and internationally including Perth, Penang, Auckland and Pacific Island Airports.  Our conveyor belts provide the safe handling of bags during the transportation process from check-in, scanning, transporting to the planes, sorting and loading.


Our experience includes working with Engineering Designers, providing them robust technical advice on the most efficient conveyor belt to use, to ensure bags are moving in the best way possible.


We will recommend a conveyor belt solution that provides optimum performance with limited or no downtime and it can be operated safely with maximum efficiency. 

As a supplier, we are able to access those conveyor belts that offer reliable product quality and are fit for purpose.  To view our product range click here.

Fit for Purpose

Our strong relationships with our suppliers and comprehensive product range ensure that we are able to apply the right product into the right application.

 For example Ammeraal offers the following belts suitable for airport application:


Our Experience

Product Range

Need help in finding the right product or solution for your project or site?

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