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Rubber Lining

At Viking Conveyor we work with strong international brands, with robust, proven experience in the conveyor and rubber lining market.  

They are a vital part of our premium offering to the market, and we only work with those brands that have a proven track record in our key industry sectors.

We seek out the best suppliers to ensure our customers have access to right products for their projects.

This provides us with the opportunity to:

  • Source innovative products for our customers
  • Receive strong technical support
  • Access a comprehensive range of world leading conveyor and rubber products
  • Track international trends so we can offer valuable local advice to our customers

Our key brands are:

Conveyor Belts


Volta Belting is a world leading manufacturer of conveyor belting products made of Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE). They have been developing and designing belts for over 40 years.

Volta belts meet the highest standards for quality and reliability, and also the toughest international standards for food contact materials. Most of our food conveyor belts are FDA/USDA/USDA Dairy Approved and support your HACCP concept.

Download the Viking Volta brochure Case Study - Keeping the fish on the move


Uni-Chain is a premium brand in the supply of plastic modular belts and chains.  They have developed a wide range of products that will exceed your expectations, whether you need a cleanable belt, a wear resistant chain or a belt to convey a full load of pallets.

Download the Viking Uni-chain brochure


Ammeraal Beltech is one of the world's leaders in process and conveyor belting.  They have built up a reputation as specialists for the innovative design and manufacture of a variety of belting systems for very diverse markets. These include food, airports, logistics & mail, tobacco, paper & print, textile, automotive, rubber & tyre and wood.

As part of their brand offering Ammeraal offers RAPPLON(r) which is a range of high performance flat belts featuring a range of drive belts designed for manufacturing processes.

Yokohama Rubber

Yokohama Rubber is one of the world’s leading makers of heavy duty conveyor belts. The Yokohama product range offers high durable belts suitable for use in mines, quarries and harsh environments.

The key to rationalisation of a conveyor system is to choose the right belt for the task. Yokohama Rubber conveyor belts are available in a broad range of specifications relating to cover compound, carcass and structure. The belts are at a premium level and tailored made to meet the specific requirements of a site - they offer a unique solution.



Rubber Lining

REMA TIP TOP Industrial has become synonymous with reliability, specialist expertise and the highest quality products for rubber lining, extending the service life of valuable industrial equipment.  At Viking we offer a range of REMA TIP TOP solutions available for wear protection, rubber for lagging and lining of pulleys, repair products and bonding systems.

Blair Rubber offers a complete line of corrosion resistant rubber linings. Since inception, Blair Rubber has consistently invested in research and development to improve existing products and bring new products to market.  They are dedicated to manufacturing and improving one product, rubber linings. A focus from which has evolved an unparalleled knowledge base of chemicals, applications, and the successful installation of rubber linings.

Blair Rubber Brochure



Maxi-Lift is the leading international manufacturer and marketer of plastic elevator buckets and related accessories for the agriculture, and industrial marketplace. They offer a range of engineered elevator buckets with longer life, less breakage, and more capacity.

Check out their corporate video on Youtube


Tru-Trac is one on the leaders in providing solutions to problems experienced with the tracking and aligning of conveyor belts.  They supply a full range of self-aligning conveyor idlers for tracking both the return and load-carrying side, from slow moving conveyor belts, reversible conveyor belts all the way through to high-speed, high-load conveyor belts.



Jim Way is a manufacturer of conveyor belt accessories. Their success is founded on patents, up-to-date technology, innovation and experience Their product range includes idlers, pulleys and lagging, self-adjusting primary/secondary belt cleaners, impact bed and impact bar under chute, skirt rubber and wear-resistance lining products.

Bisca Telfon Tapes 

Biscor is a leading global provider of high performance specialty coated fabrics, belts and tapes used in an ever expanding range of industries and applications.  At Viking we offer our customers access to Bisca PTFE-coated tapes which withstand extreme temperatures and have high resistance to chemical exposure and bonding.

Product Range

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