Building up the goods

Manufacturing involves taking raw materials and assembling them into a product, whether it is components or the final finished product.

At Viking Conveyor we support a range of manufacturing companies in New Zealand including the likes of New Zealand Steel, Tasman Insulation and NZ Aluminum Smelter.

In doing so we are able to work with them to ensure that their conveyor belt systems are operating efficiency in order to support the manufacturing sector in our country.

Production Optimisation

When manufacturing a product we understand the importance of producing it in  the most efficient way.  A conveyor belt system can be an integral part in helping to achieve this. 

We can assist in achieving production optimisation by:

  • Focusing on the continuous movement of the product
  • Assisting with the quality and efficiency of your production flow
  • Reducing any downtime due to maintenance and cleaning
  • Increasing your productivity through the right movement of your products through the manufacturing process
  • Obtain cost savings through efficiency and optimisation of conveyor belt system
  • Focusing on the longevity of the belt as part of the manufacturing process

24 hour back up support

Our Service team is available 24hr 7 days a week, across the country to ensure our customers facilities are on the move when they need to be.  There is nothing worse than a conveyor belt holding up the production line so your customers don’t receive their goods on time!

Conditioning Monitoring and Preventative Maintenance

To ensure your conveyor belt is operating at its best we work with our customers, offering a Condition Monitoring and Preventative Maintenance Service which is focused on:

  • Predicting and scheduling belt replacement or repair in order to prevent unplanned downtime, potential plant damage or injury to staff.
  • Identifying and recommending steps to improve conveyor belt life and/or throughput through
  • Operator training (tracking & condition monitoring)
  • Tracking improvement
  • Spill control & dust suppression
  • Belt cleaner installation and maintenance
  • Belt selection