Quarry and Mining

Withstanding the Extreme

We over 55 years in the quarry and mining sector, we have pretty much seen it all.  Our extensive experience in the industry means we have the skill, knowledge and technical expertise to help you choose the right solution for your site. 

We understand the harsh conditions that can exist in mines and quarries and the requirement for a conveyor belt to offer extreme resistance to ensure the goods keep moving.

This experience is supported by a comprehensive range of products that are designed specifically to meet the conditions of a mine or quarry.

Locally Proven

Our wear resistant conveyor belts are proven locally and are operating on mining and quarry sites across New Zealand from Whangarei to the West Coast of the South Island

Onsite Installation and Service

At Viking Conveyor we offer a 24hr, 7 day a week nationwide conveyor belt installation service through our network of approved conveyor belt workshops.  To find out more click here

Made to Order

We offer proven standard wear resistance belts and “made to order belts” which are developed to meet specific project and application requirements.  For “made to order” we meet with you to discuss your specific projects and then will provide robust technical expertise and a range of options for your consider.

Made to order belts include features such as:

  • Extra thick top covers
  • FRAS (Fire Resistant Anti-Static)
  • Additional plys
  • Breaker plys (high impact applications)

Product Range

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