Engineered Belts

At Viking Conveyor we offer a range of engineered belts to ensure we are able to meet your site requirements.

Volta V & Round Profiles

Volta Belting Technology manufactures a range of V and Round belts (VaR). This line of products meets the highest standards of quality and durability, and is manufactured from quality materials.

At Viking Conveyor we can offer you a number of VaR products that includes a range of hardness, colours, and reinforced belts, as well as unique profiles to meet your special industry application. 

Good reasons to use Volta VaR Belts on your application:

  • Resistant to water, oil and chemicals
  • Long and reliable life service
  • Welded top coatings for special applications
  • Custom profiles on request
  • Easily welded with Volta Tools

Power Transmission

Power transmission belts are used in the electricity market and at Viking Conveyor we distribute Ammeraal RAPPLON® Specialist Transmission conveyor belts.

The drive surfaces are wear-resistant with high grip or low friction to guarantee uniform and stable speed transmission.  To find out more give us a call.

Folder Gluer

We offer Ammeraal's RAPPLON® Folder Gluer Belts for carton box industry. These new belts provide improved performance and ensure precise transport and folding of boxes at very high speed.

Main features

  • Reduced energy consumption throughout belt life
  • Extended service life for fewer maintenance stops
  • Perfectly straight belts for maintenance free running
  • Excellent grip on all types of board for precise of carton blank movement
  • Abrasion resistant, non-glazing covers give extended service
  • Low operating noise
  • Available in 3, 4 and 5.5mm thicknesses to fit most popular folder gluer machines

Our range includes the QuickSplice Design whose key features are:

  • Safe and easy belt tracking, even at high speeds up to 700m/min
  • Energy saving design, up to 14% less than market standard
  • Perfectly aligned, safe, reliable and quick finger splice for fast belt replacement
  • Suitable for running in both directions
  • Dimensionally stable polyester core – no retensioning required
  • High edge stability
  • 0.6% Belt tension at fitting – reduced shaft and bearing loads

Skive Splice

When you skive a engineered belt you are removing the rubber cover and replacing it with belt fasteners that protect the belt and keep it moving to maximise productivity.

The skive splice is normally used on our transmission and folder glued belts, where the splice is hot vulcanised with a press.