Pop-up flight

Save Waste, Time and Money

The age-old problem of product loss as the conveyor system delivers it from one station to the next has been solved. Uni Chains pop-up flight does away with product residues left on the belt – or on the floor.

Its simple, mechanical action can be quickly added to existing conveyor systems, bringing new levels of efficiency, hygiene, and profitability to all kinds of food processing and packaging lines:

  • fresh/frozen meat and fish processing
  • salads and green leaf vegetables – washing/packing
  • confectionery packing
  • pasta and rice processing

Pop-up flight, integrated into modular belt systems, is a mechanical flight that automatically stands up when needed, and lies down when it’s not. Partnered with a discharge belt scraper, it effectively saves labour-intensive cleaning up – of both belts and floors – and makes sure that the product for discharge reaches its intended destination. All components are simply mounted and removed, and maintenance is easy.


  • Allows use of scrapers on belts with flights
  • Ideal for products which tend to stick to conveyor belts
  • Prevents product loss due to carry-over
  • Suitable for direct food contact applications
  • Automatic rise and fall of flights on belt
  • Simple mechanical operation – no secondary drive motors or complex controls
  • Modular construction based upon unichains MPB belt system
  • Easy to retrofit of existing conveyors
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Simple mounting and dismounting of all belt components

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