The final finish!

The product is ready to be packaged before it heads out to the customer.  At Viking Conveyor we have extensive experience in supporting packaging lines, from canning, bottling, labeling, sealing, boxing, bagging - to name a few!


Our experience includes working with Engineering Designers, providing them robust technical advice on the most efficient conveyor belt to use with their system, to ensure products are moving in the best way possible through the packaging process


We will recommend a conveyor belt solution that provides optimum performance with limited or no downtime and it can be operated safely with maximum efficiency. 

As a supplier, we are able to access those conveyor belts that offer reliable product quality and are fit for purpose. 

Technical Expertise

We will work with you to ascertain what conveyor belt will be best suited to handle the packaging of your products. 

Some of the things to consider are:

  • Does a gate exist for labeling the product?  
  • Are there any inclines or declines during the packaging process?
  • Have you considered high friction vs. low friction areas?
  • Is heat sealing required?
  • How is the type of packaging you are using?

We would recommend that the best way to work out the right solution for your packaging processing is to contact us so we can visit your site or review your plans.