Food Processing

Satisfy your food cravings

For over 55 years we have been working with local New Zealand food processing businesses to offer them technical support and a comprehensive range of conveyor belts to meet specific requirements.

At Viking Conveyor we have the ability to source, install and after sales support to ensure that the belt you choose is the right one.

Food Safety is the only Choice

Conveyor belts come into regular contact with food as part of their processing and are an important
component in producing a product that is safe for consumers to eat and drink.

We can assist in controlling your identified contamination hazards through specifying, installing and maintaining the right conveyor systems to cope with the specific food safety requirements.

Protecting your brand

If your food is safe you can be confident that your business will be safe!

Choosing the right Conveyor System

At Viking Conveyor we will work with you to establish the specific requirements of your conveyor belt system taking into account key questions such as:

  • What products are processed on the belt?
  • What process is the belt involved in; heating, cooling, washing?
  • How can the conveyor belt assist with your HACCP?
  • How will the belt be physically arranged?
  • What are your cleaning requirements?
  • What are your production optimisation targets?

Call us on 0800 845 464 to chat about your engineering and technical requirements

Technical Expertise

Each part of processing food may well require a different conveyor belt system.  Our team has the technical expertise to look at your processing requirements and work with you to find the right conveyor solution for your site – whether it’s on handling raw materials, part of the cooking process or the packaging line.



Food Processing Case Studies

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