Fertiliser plants

Helping it grow

Fertiliser plays a key role in strengthening the growth and development of our crops, pastures and forests, which are an integral part of New Zealand’s economy.  At Viking we have worked with fertiliser processing companies for more than 40 years.

Plant Review

We have the technical expertise to visit a plant, review the operations and then provide an full assessment on the best possible conveyor belt and accessories to withstand the conditions and specific application within the plant.

Plant conditions

Within a fertiliser plant a conveyor belt maybe exposed to heavy abrasion, chemicals and varying temperatures depending on the part of the process the belt is involved in.

Some of the factors to consider are:

  • What resistance does the belt need to have to withstand abrasion and not wear out before its time?
  • What corrosion resistance does the belt and components need to withstand?
  • Will the belt be able to withstand the changes in temperature that occur as part of the producing the fertiliser?

It is not just about the belt

The conditions in the plant mean that you need to consider the other parts of the conveyor system and how they will withstand exposure such things as chemicals.  Special rollers and frames are required that assist in reducing product build up around the conveyor system, to help in reducing maintenance and downtime.  Contact us to find out more………………it is worth thinking about the life of the conveyor system.

Onsite Service

Our service and install team have worked onsite in fertiliser plants to help install new belts, replace belts and provide maintenance services.  They are able to work within strict timelines to minimise any downtime in the plant.

Product range

The products in our range can be applied throughout the processing plant, from the delivery of raw material into storage to the final distribution point for the finished product.