Offering the largest range of belting products worldwide to over 150 countries including New Zealand.


They are a truly global company, who are well-known and respected in the world of belting. They have built up a reputation as specialists for the innovative design and manufacture of a variety of belting systems for very diverse markets. These include food, airports, logistics & mail, tobacco, paper & print, textile, automotive, rubber & tyre and wood.

Our Partnership

Viking Conveyor is the sole distributor of Ammeraal in New Zealand, and we are proud to work with a well-respected, strong brand in the conveyor market.  They provide us with an extensive support, from product range, marketing collateral, service and technical expertise.

Their support allows us to offer our customers access to the right conveyor solutions to meet their processing and site requirements.

One Stop Belt Shop

Ammeraal Beltech's policy is focused on providing a one stop belt shop to keep your business running. Their product range includes the following belt types

Belt TypeDescriptionFind out more
Synthetic Belts  Comprehensive Process & Conveyor Belt range for any applications Click here to find out more
Elastomer Belts  The best range of high quality rubber covers Click here to find out more
ZipLink® Belts  Additional production time solutions for every industry Click here to find out more
Ultrasync Belts Synchronized conveying and positioning; high speed and high loads Click here to find out more
Seamless Belts Seamless covers and profiles on Endless Woven Fabrics Click here to find out more
Timing Belts Positive drive belts for transport, positioning, synchronous processes or power transmission Click here to find out more
Engineered Belts Custom made products as pull down, postal feeder, cable pulling belts Click here to find out more
Flat Belts RAPPLON®  High performance flat belts for efficient power transmission and high speed processes Click here to find out more
Plastic Modular Belts  Uni-chains® belt solutions – straight running and side flexing belts Click here to find out more
Plastic Chains Chain program from uni-chains®  Click here to find out more
Soliflex Belts  Homogeneous, positive driven belts; ultimate hygiene, self-tracking Click here to find out more

SAFE & CLEAN for food processing

As you know in New Zealand we are a country that relies on producing food safely. At Ammeraal Beltech one of the key focuses is providing a range of belting solutions that are safe and clean.  They have many food safety features which are incorporated in their various belt solutions. These include:


Click here to read about the brand for plastic modular belts and chains.


Ropanyl belts are extremely cut and impact resistant and can handle high temperatures.  Having excellent resistance to oils and fats, Ropanyl remains very easy to clean resulting in a lower risk of contamination and ensuring belt service life can be extended.

Main advantages of Ropanyl TPU Belts: 

  • Micro crack free TPU coating
  • Ropanyl Food Grade Belts comply with EC 1935/2004, EU 10/2011 and FDA standards
  • Excellent resistant to oil and fats
  • Laterally belt stable construction
  • Easy to clean contact surface
  • Abrasion and wear resistant covers
Ropanyl Belts Primary Produce Brochure

Nonex PVC

Nonex belts have a very good resistance to oil and fat.  It can be easily spliced and readily welded with a range of profiles.  This range includes blue types together with economical options for long belt life in wet and demanding conditions.

Main advantages of Nonex PVC Belts: 

  • Resistant against cleaning with chlorine
  • Highly resistant to oil and fats
  • Nonex Food Grade Belts comply with EC 1935/2004, EU 10/2011 and FDA standards
  • Excellent grip for inclined and declined transport
  • Crack free PVC coating
Nonex Belts Primary Produce Brochure

Ammeraal General Purpose and Packaging Belts

Ammeraal offers a range for belts which are suitable for general purpose and packaging.  Our range includes:

  • Polyester Felt Belt (BAA020) - primarily used in the corrugated/packaging industry where the belt is exposed to high temperatures
  • Fabric Belt (BAA026) - this is a low friction belt which is primarily used in the carton and product industry
  • Low Noise Food Grade Belt - this is one of our most popular belts.  It reduces noise or the "scream" of the belt due to the fabric that is on the bottom of the belt.  This belt is popular in the agriculture industry and pack houses
  • Flexam Belts - are a PVC belt with high wear resistance.  Our range of Flexam belts includes the likes of a ribbed belt (BAA056) for incline or decline and high friction applications; Roughtop covers (BAA140/141) for high friction applications, used primarily in packaging transportation
  • Ropanyl - extremely cut and impact resistant, and they can be used in conjunction with a high speed timber optimiser.
Grape Harvesting Technical DataSheet