General Purpose & Packaging Belts

Keeping goods on the move

Our range of General Purpose and Packaging belts includes:

Viking Hard PVC

The Viking Hard PVC belt is used where abrasion resistance is important as it features a hard PVC top cover.

Solid Woven and Rubber Roughtop

At Viking Conveyor we offer a range of solid woven and rubber rough top profiles which are primarily used where a belt inclines or declines.  The top cover of the belt assists in ensuring the moving products do not fall off the belt during the incline or decline process.

Pletex Coated

Ammeraal's Pletex belt is designed for Corrugated Board Production and Box Folding Industry.  It is a thermoplastic Pletex belt with an excellent wear resistant cover material.  The belt provides a very good grip due to the excellent combination of a high coefficient of friction and controlled abrasion.

The Pletex belt is very reliable for consistent feeding in fast machines, such as during the labeling process, and is available in 2 ply.


  • Excellent grip and performance
  • Abrasion resistant top cover
  • Easy to splice on site with unique QuickSplice 
  • High impact resistance
  • Long belt life

Typical application

  • Flexo folder gluer belts
  • Feeder belts
  • Counter eject belts
  • Live roller drive belts