Rubber Lining

Protective Rubber Lining Products

Our protective rubber lining and sheeting products provide the following protection for your products:

  • High chemical resistance (chemical damage prevention)
  • Protection from Oil and Fuel damage
  • Impact protection 
  • Abrasion protection
  • Corrosion protection/resistance  

Our range of rubber linings encompasses applications where protection against abrasion, chemicals, acid/alkali, heat and noise are required.

We offer both the internal lining of chutes, vessels and pipes using a range of product solutions which feature below:

Viking Impact and Abrasion Resistant Rubber

We offer a range of Viking abrasion resistant rubber, from 3.0mm to 12.00mm for impact protection and abrasion resistance.


LINATEX is the premium wear resistant rubber for sliding and wet abrasion applications. From field experience, it will outlast polyurethanes, steel alloys and even Nihard providing significant cost benefits to the user.

LINATEX is produced from fresh natural latex utilising a unique liquid phase compounding process which, unlike other processes, causes minimum mechanical disturbance to the molecular structure of the finished rubber. It is this process that gives LINATEX its extraordinary physical properties and outstanding performance. The LINATEX rubber manufacturing facility meets the requirements of

  • Excellent resistance to wet abrasion
  • Very high resilience
  • Remarkable cut and tear resistance
  • Low permanent set
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals
  • Excellent electrical resistance
  • Sound-absorption and vibration dampening properties

Recommended Applications - Proven performance in slurry handling applications such as pipelines, chutes and tank linings, hydrocyclones, sumps, etc. Linatex is also used in valve and pump linings, hoses, screen cloths and to solve a wide range of sealing problems.

Oil and Chemical Resistant Rubber - Nitrile Sheeting

Nitrile rubber is resistant to oil, fuel, and other chemicals.  The more nitrile within the polymer, the higher the resistance to oils but the lower the flexibility of the material.  It has the ability to withstand a range of temperatures from −40 to 108 °C.


REMA TIP TOP Industrial has become synonymous with reliability, specialist expertise and the highest quality products for rubber lining, extending the service life of valuable industrial equipment.

We will have a range of REMA TIP TOP solutions available for wear protection, rubber or lagging and lining of pulleys, repair products and bonding systems.

Our products include:

  • REMALINE 35 - features excellent resistance to wet abrasive and sharp particles.  It is the optimum rubber lining for sand and gravel industry equipment as well as in the glass industry.  REMALINE 35 has also proven valuable with sticky material such as loam and clay.  It is a material with extraordinary high elasticity and stretching properties, consisting of 95 % natural rubber. 
  • REMALINE 60 - due to its low abrasion properties, it is especially suitable for protecting against impact and dry wear and is frequently used for conveying coal.  It is a mixture of styrene, butadiene and isoprene rubber.  REMALINE 60 is typically used for lining vibration feeders, slides, bunkers, chutes and tubs, as well as coating of idler, constriction and bending pulleys for medium to high belt tensions.
  • Bonding Systems - SC The Bonding Systems of the CEMENT SC Series are applicable for durable rubber-rubber, rubber-fabric, rubber-metal and fabric-fabric bonds in the fields of wear and corrosion prevention as well as in conveyor belt technology. The SC Series provides excellent initial and final bonding strength. Optimum adhesion will be achieved when bonding REMA TIP TOP products with CN bonding layer. The adhesives have a user-friendly long open time and are easy-to-process even at low temperatures. The especially developed bonding system of the SC Series convinces with its superior dynamic load capacity.

Ceramic lining

Primarily used in hoppers and bins.  Ceramic tiles are bonded to a rubber backing and then the rubber is bonded to the equipment.  We also offer a food grade ceramic lagging solution.

Lamislip lining

A light duty lining solution, primarily for the food industry.  The surface is similar to the rubber finish on a table tennis bat.

Blair Rubber

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Blair Rubber is dedicated to manufacturing and improving one product, rubber linings. A focus from which evolved an unparalleled knowledge base of chemicals, applications, and the successful installation of rubber linings.

Rubber Linings for Primary Containment

Blair's rubber linings have successfully protected such equipment as FGD scrubber units, chemical processing and storage tanks, rail road tankcars, sewage disposal units, food processing tanks, flanged pipes and fittings, electroplating equipment, separators, fans and fan housings, fume ducts and hundreds of other applications. These resilient protective rubber linings can be applied to steel, aluminum, and many other substrates.

Soft Natural Rubber Linings

Blair's soft natural rubber tank linings provide superior resistance to abrasion and a variety of chemical services. Blair offers a wide range of natural rubber linings for chemical services including HCL and water treatment (FDA compliant) linings.

Semi-Hard Rubber

Blair's semi-hard rubber tank linings offer excellent resistance to various chemical services. These linings include natural rubber, natural synthetic rubber blends and natural rubber-graphite reinforced stocks. These compounds are formulated for services involving wet chlorine, strong acids at high operating temperatures, plating solutions and water conditioning equipment. All have a soft tie gum for maximum adhesion to steel.

Tri-Bond Rubber

Blair's Tri-bond rubber linings are designed with a triple layer construction consisting of a soft/semi-hard/soft combination of rubbers. Linings are specially compounded for steel pickling lines, halogen acid services, as well as many other solutions, and offer resistance to thermal shock, abrasion and flexing fatigue.

Fabricated from Blair's specialized rubber compounds and exclusive bonding processes, Enduraflex™, Plioweld™, Marflex™, and Crislip™ rubber linings offer you outstanding service-life and dependable performance.

Chlorobutyl Linings

Blair's Chlorobutyl linings have superior resistance to ozone, sunlight, and weathering with high-quality chemical and permeation resistance. They may be used for chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite, superphosphoric acid and sulfuric acid. Chlorobutyl is used in FGD scrubbers and mixed applications. Chlorobutyl is heat resistant to 94°C for most acids.

EPDM Linings

Blair's EPDM linings have outstanding resistance to the ozone, sunlight and weather conditions. It is also resistant to chemical and oxygenated solvents. EPDM is generally used for oxidizing service conditions such as sodium or potassium chlorate and is heat resistant to 94°C.

Nitrile Linings

Blair's Nitrile linings are resistant to aliphatic hydrocarbons with good abrasion resistance. Nitrile is used in applications for special equipment where oil resistance is required and is heat resistant to 94°C.

Neoprene® Linings

Blair Neoprene® linings combine good physical properties as well as excellent UV and ozone resistance and moderate oil resistance.

Endurabond™ - Innovative Adhesive Systems

The life of a rubber lining is, to a great extent, dependent on the continued adhesion of the rubber lining to the metal substrate. Over the years we have developed a quality adhesive system of bonding tank lining to the metal tank. The Endurabond™ cement system results in excellent adhesion of the linings to the metal surface.

Chemcure™ Curing Agent - Curing Agent

When steam curing is impractical, Blair’s chemically cured linings and Chemcure™ activator are an excellent alternative.

Water and Waste Water Treatment Equipment Linings i.e Ion Exchange Systems

Viking Conveyor has access to Blair Rubbers product solutions that protect the highly corrosive and abrasive environments encountered by water and wastewater treatment equipment. Blair Rubber offer elastomeric lining specially designed to handle the resins and chemicals utilized in water and wastewater treatments.

Enduraflex™ Linings | Exhaust or Pressure Cured

Enduraflex™ rubber linings are designed for minimal shrinkage in cure and offer good thermal stability. Installation requires exhaust steam or pressure cure vulcanization resulting in longer lining life.