Plenty more fish in the sea

The seafood industry in New Zealand is a major contributor to our economy – it is a major employer and exporter.  At Viking Conveyor we are passionate about supporting the seafood industry, making sure we do our part in getting enough seafood into the market to provide over one billion meals a year for seafood lovers!

Our experience with the fishing industry extends across multiple applications from moving the seafood around the boat while at sea to the packaging line once the seafood has been processed and is ready to go!

Applications for our range of conveyor belts include:

  • Trimming and Filleting Fish
  • Under Water Conveying
  • Deep Freeze Application
  • Check Weighers and Sorting Lines
  • Seafood processing


Food safety and eliminating bacteria growth are an essential part of the choosing the right belt for your seafood processing facility.  Our advice will take into account such factors as whether the belt needs to be non-absorbent to water or oils, if the belt needs to be smooth as microbes can built up in belts with crevices and how downtime can be reduced during essential cleaning and maintenance.

Product quality

The final finished product that is distributed can be altered by such things as the operation, surface and material finish of the conveyor belt.  To ensure your seafood is at its best upon delivery to your customer, we will discuss with your specific processing requirements to allow for your goods to be handled with care.

Technical Expertise

Each part of processing a catch may well require a different conveyor belt system.  Our team has the technical expertise to look at your processing requirements and work with you to find the right conveyor solution for your site – whether it’s on a boat or in a seafood processing facility.

Product range

Our range of products that are suitable for the fishing industry are extensive:

Watch how the Volta belts assist with sorting the fish 

Our Experience

Unichain Brochure Volta Food Processing Brochure

Need help in finding the right product or solution for your project or site?

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