Supporting the wood industry

Are you looking for advice on reducing downtime, increased efficiency, belt protection and the best belt to match your timber processing requirements?

Viking Conveyor has a range of conveyor belts specifically designed for handling both wet and dry Radiata Pine (Pinus Radiata).

Protecting the belt

During the processing of timber a conveyor belt can be exposed to harsh conditions which it needs to withstand.

Radiata Pine produces a sap with highly aggressive alpha and beta Pinene which causes excessive swelling of natural rubber and MOR (moderately oil resistant) rubber covers leading to a shorter conveyor belt life.

Viking Conveyor provides a solution to alpha and beta Pinene attack with TimberMate, a timber handling belt that has been used in saw mills and timber processing plants in New Zealand for over 20 years.

If you are loading logs onto the conveyor belt we have a range of impact bars.  The impact bar sits in a bed behind the belt, to protect it from the force of the log when it is being loaded onto the belt for processing.

Belt Profile

One of the key considerations in selecting the right belt for the processing of timber is the profile of the belt.  The type of profile will be dependent on whether you are processing logs, chips, sawdust or dimensional lumber and the degree of incline of the belt.  These factors need to be taken into account, with a number of other variables, so call us on 0800 845 464 to find out what we would recommend.


Safety is critical part of what we review when recommending a conveyor belt for a timber processing facility.  It is important that employees can safely operate the belts and are well protected when the wood is being processed. 

Our products are focused on eliminating, isolating or minimising risk which includes the likes of ASGCO return roller safety cages and Emergency Pull Switches.

Product Range

At Viking Conveyor we provide TimberMate, a timber handling belt that has been used in saw mills and timber processing plants in New Zealand for over 20 years, and is the ideal defence against the attack of Pine Sap.

TimberSlide combines the benefits of TimberMate’s resistance with a non-marking red rubber cover making these conveyor belts ideal for handling dimensional timber.  

We also offer a range of economic MOR conveyor belts for low duty, non-critical applications or for instances when mechanical damage is the key cause of conveyor belt failure. 

Adding value to the conveyor belt

We offer a range of conveyor belt accessories suitable for the Timber Processing applications