Talley’s Group operates a fleet of 8 deep sea fishing vessels, and has wide ranging commercial interests in the New Zealand fishing and agricultural industries.

They sustainably harvest and process a wide range of seafood species, both within the New Zealand Exclusive Economic Zone, and around the world.

Their fleet of modern factory trawlers utilise a network of conveyor belts in their on-board factories to process their catch. Talley’s needed to source a new belt as their current belt product was being discontinued and they were looking for an alternative solution from a reliable supplier, with the ability to offer local service to allow for short turn-around times in port.


Viking Conveyor and their local distributor discussed with Talley’s how the Uni-chain MPB belts would effectively assist in the processing of the fish on their boats, making life easier for the fishing team. 

The key benefits of the Uni-chain MPB belt for Talley’s and the fishing industry are:

  • Easy to clean
    Reducing the time and effort taken to clean belts
  • Durability
    The Uni modules are extremely strong and robust and stand up to mechanical damage and heavy loads
    The sprockets are Long Life sprockets, made from Acetal and will outlast competitor sprockets
  • Life of belt
    The Uni modular belts are manufactured to last, durable and fit for purpose

Viking Conveyor worked closely with their local distributor and Talley’s to trial the Uni-chain belts to make sure they would deliver on Talley’s requirements.

Further to the benefits of the belt, Viking Conveyor was able to offer Talley’s strong technical advice and a commitment to supporting Talley’s in the future, while responding effectively to today’s needs. For example to ensure that Talley’s is able to replace a belt quickly and minimise downtime on the boats, Uni-Chain Conveyor belt stock is held locally for prompt build and delivery. Turn-around times have been reduced and it fact in some cases Viking Conveyor have replaced belts within a matter of hours.

Viking Conveyor and their local distributor have worked with the skippers and work crews to ensure the Conveyor Belts are fitted correctly to perform at their peak.


Uni-Chain MPB, from Viking Conveyor, is exceeding the customers expectations. Talley’s were happy with the old belts they had, until they trialled the Uni-chain MPB and realised the product was better suited to the fishing boats. It outperformed their old
Conveyor Belts, particularly in relation to how easy the Uni-Chain MPB belts are to clean, the strength of the belt and its extended life.

Viking Conveyor continues to provide comprehensive technical support, advice and service to ensure that the team at Talley’s have the support they need and innovative conveyor belt solutions to maximise their processing efficiency. For example, Viking Conveyor reduced some of the aperture sizes in the Conveyor Belts open format, from standard 22% down as low as 18%, to avoid soft fillets being damaged and minimising icing of the belts in the freezers.